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About Us

Who We Are

About Us

We are a local company based out of Spanish Fork, Ut, dedicated to helping people enjoy their car. I am Caleb, the owner of the company. I grew up with older cars that were always well taken care of. I learned to love cleaning and maintaining vehicles both inside and out. I have detailed personal vehicles most of my life, but decided recently to start doing it for others part time, which turned quickly to full time as demand increased. Nothing makes me happier than you seeing the finished result of your freshly detailed vehicle and you say “this is cleaner than the day I bought it” or “I have never seen it this clean”. When you book with Gleam, me and my experienced team will make sure you are satisfied with the result so you can enjoy the ride.

People spend so much time in their cars. Your environment has an affect on you, and that applies to your vehicle too. A clean car helps us show up better Caleb.

car detailing and wash
car detailing

Help people improve the time spent in their vehicle, giving them more confidence in how they show up places.


Make each vehicle better than the day they bought through a meticulous detail process and top notch products

Our Value

Protect the value of your car

Whether you plan to sell your car someday or drive it till it dies, either way you cant go wrong with a regular detail. Vehicles aren’t cheap, don’t let its value slip between your fingers. Get it detailed today.

Why Choose Us

Trust the professionals for a clean and polished finish

Double and triple checking our work will make sure each nook and cranny will be good as new.

Our top of the line products are both safe for your vehicle and the environment.

Our team of professionals is highly experienced and ready for any of your detailing needs

We come to you at your home, work, or wherever is convenient so you can have a spotless car without lifting a finger.

Your life is busy, book an appointment whenever it is easiest for you and lets get you taken care of.

Check our work before paying, we won’t stop until you are satisfied

Our Services

Service We Provide

Interior Detailing

Give the interior a refresh! We will meticulously go through the interior of your vehicle cleaning, protecting, and shining with top of the line products. Our goal is for your car to look, feel, and smell better than the day you bought it.



Exterior Wash

Skip the car wash and all the scratches and swirl marks that come with it. Clean and protect your paint the right way with the care your car needs for a quick shine. Our attention to detail will ensure that you’re turning heads wherever you drive.



Ceramic Coating

Give your car the showroom look that lasts. A ceramic coating will put a hard, glossy, protective barrier between your car's paint and the harsh Utah elements. It will protect from scratches, bird droppings, UV and weather damage, and will also make your car easier to clean and shine.


Protection can last anywhere from 1-5 years depending on the product type you chose.